The Auction Company: For two generations we at Blackwood March auctioneers and appraisers have appraised and sold at auction fine art and antiques for trusts, estates, attorneys and individuals. In the art market we have established auction records for such artists as: Aldro Thompson Hibbard, Emile A. Gruppe and Frederick Mulhaupt, while selling antiques and accessories for strong prices for our clients. We invite your fine art and antiques inquiries.

We are experts in the sale of 19th and 20th century Massachusetts painters such as; Reynolds Beal, Gifford Beal, Antonio Cirino, Gabrielle  De Vic Clements, Maurice Compris, J. A. Cook, Otis Cook, Howard Curtis, Al Czerepak, Arthur Diehl, J. B. Foster, Gordon Grant, C. E. L. Green, Emile Gruppe, Robert Gruppe, George W. Harvey, Ed. A. Harvey, A. T. Hibbard, Leon Kroll, F. H. Lane, W. Meyerowitz, Wayne Morrell, F. Mulhaupt, Ben Paulekas, Carl W. Peters, Jane Peterson, Charles H. Richert, W. Lester Stevens, Helen Stein, Anthony Thieme, Henry Twardzik, Russ Webster, Stow Wengenroth, Stanley Woodward, and T. V. C. Valenkamph, among many others.



Auction Results - February 26, 2014



Emile A. Gruppe oil on canvas
SOLD $17,000


Emile A. Gruppe oil on canvas
SOLD $5,000




Rare Fitz Henry Lane lithograph, "View of the Town of Gloucester Mass," SOLD $6,500


Emile A. Gruppe, oil, “Bailing the Fish,”
SOLD $13,500

   Recent Significant Results


A.T. Hibbard, SOLD $15,000.


Emile A. Gruppe, SOLD $17,000.



Walter Launt Palmer oil, "Brook and Fence,"
34 x 24 inches. SOLD $54,000


Walter Launt Palmer, pastel,

Sold $21,000.



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